Large Subscription Box – Monthly

$40.00 payment on 20th of every month

You have to pay first recurring payment on: January 20, 2023

Receive a different theme or focused Subscription Box each month.  Any boxes focused on a specific species or dietary type of foods will be appropriate for others with similar dietary needs.
Please order by itself as payments need to be processed differently.

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Each month receive a box containing a variety of our products!  We will select from all products in our store to fill each monthly box.  And will send different products with each shipment.

The Large Subscription Box may contain a variety of small to medium sized products or even a single larger item.  We will have a different focus or theme each month.

January – Medicated Foods – Antibiotic Focused
February – African Cichlid Theme (can be used with any omnivore species)
March – Bottom Feeder Theme
April – Medicated Foods – Anti-Parasite Focused
May – Goldfish, Koi, Tropheus and General Herbivore Theme (can be used with any specie that is not a strict carnivore)
June – Livebearer Theme (can be used with any omnivore species)
July – Ornamental Fish Medications
August – Freeze Dried and Probugs
September – Coral and Saltwater Theme (can also be used with freshwater species)
October – Botanicals and General Health Aids
November – Cichlid Theme (May include larger pellets.  Can always crush if too large.)
December – Repashy Focused

Subscription Boxes will ship the end of each month.  Payment collected just prior to shipment.

Available to US destinations only.  Orders for outside the US will be canceled.