Lilac Point (BSP Platinum) Angelfish


Direct from the breeder.  Lilac Point (BSP Platinum) Angels, which are a line developed with the Bulgarian Green gene, develop a distinct coloration overall.

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Direct from the breeder. High quality, US bred angelfish that come with LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee).

Lilac Point Angels are a new type of angelfish with the Bulgarian Green gene that is currently being reviewed, tested and documented for The Angelfish Society.

Lilac Point Angels genetically have a combination of Philippine Blue and Bulgarian Green genes. May develop a pale grey coloring, most noticeable on the anal and dorsal fins.  Genetically Lilac Point Angels are pb/pb bg/bg, and may carry a Stripeless gene.

Overall coloring can change depending on mood and overall health of these fish.  Bodies range from a light green hue to a stark white for mature adults.  Fins can develop a slight grey tone, which will quickly fade.

Erroneously referred to as “New Platinum” angels.  The adults sometimes take on a pale green coloring on the body.  They do not carry a Gold gene and therefore are not a true Platinum angel.  To the eye this can be difficult to discern with juveniles, but is most noted when comparing adults.


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12 Peas, 12 Pre-dime, 8+2 Dimes, 8 Dimes, 6 Quarters, 1 Young Adult


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