Midnight Red BSP Angels


Direct from the breeder.  First time the breeder has released any of these beauties!  Orange/Red bodies with very dark fins create a unique contrast.  And some may even develop Paraiba like patches.  Order as many as you want for a flat Overnight Delivery charge.

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Direct from the breeder.  High quality, US bred angelfish that come with LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee).

Midnight Red BSP angels are a newly developed phenotype.  This is the first time these have been made available.  The breeder has been developing this line for over 5 years now.  These fish will breed true as well, offspring will be Midnight Red BSP or Bulgarian Golden Sunset!  Coloring is affected by their mood as well as the environment, ie in a dark tank fish will have more of a black/red body with dark fins; in a well lit tank that doesn’t have dark decor fish will develop a brighter red body.


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12 Pre-Dimes, 8 Pre-Dimes, Custom Order, 8 Dimes, 6 Quarters


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