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Direct from the breeder.  High quality, US bred angelfish that come with LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee).

Philippine Blue comes in a wide variety of phenotypes.  This Variety Pack guarantees at minimum 3 different phenotypes, based on what is available at the time of order.  They will arrive at pre-dime size and you get the joy of watching them grow and mature as well as watching their colors develop, which can update until fish reach adulthood.

Angels are fed a variety of pellet, flake and live BBS; and will each anything we feed them.  We will include at least 3 varieties that we choose for you based on what we have available at time of order.

Posibilities include, not limited to:

  • Blue Silver, Blue Zebra, Blue Smokey, Blue Leopard
  • Paraiba, Pinoy
  • Platinum, Platinum Marble
  • And potentially many other types of angels with a double dose of Philippine Blue

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Angelfish Options

8 Pre-Dime, 12 Pre-dime, 18 Pre-Dime, 20 Pre-Dime, 8 Dimes, 12 Dimes, 20 Dimes, 6 Quarters


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