Pinoy & Platinum (with BG Genes) Proven Pair EA-D3

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Stunning breeding pair that will produce some amazing fry!

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This listing is for a very special pair that comes from our breeding project that led to Pearlscale Bulgarian Seal Points.

The male is a dark Pinoy with a single dose of bg (and possibly a single dose of Pearlscale).  Female is a Platinum Pearlscale also carries a single dose of Bulgarian Green (bg).

This pair has produced some amazing Pinoys, Platinums, Lilac Points and Seal Points. We expect some of the fry to be pearlscale as well but they are not yet old enough to start expressing the trait in the spawns we have pulled.  We are now working with Seal Point Pearlscales from this pair and have decided to let this pair go.

This tank gets a lot of glare.  Hard to photograph.  But, here are some different images.


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