Pinoy x Blue Silver Super Veil Proven Pair

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Super Veil heaven!  Pinoy and Blue Silver pairing, both with Super Veil fins!  May carry Bulgarian Green genes, just not way to know until a spawn is raised.

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A rare pairing for our fishroom!  Pinoy Super Veil and Blue Silver Super Veil pair.

Even as youngsters these individual fish had amazing color.  And as luck would have it the grew up and paired off.  They don’t fight, so might work in a community tank or given their own tank to raise fry.

100% of the spawn will also be Super Veil.  Also possible is they may both carry Bulgarian Green genes and produce a few Bulgarian Seal Point Veils (no one has produced super veils with the bg gene to date).  This pair came from our outcrossings to develop our BSP Veil line.



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