Bulgarian Seal Point Pearlscale


First release! BSP Pearlscales. This initial offer is only for pre-dime and dime sizes. They will not express the pearlscale trait until reaching quarter to half dollar size.
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Check out the newest phenotype developed in our hatchery, BSP Pearlscale angelfish!

These angels really shine with the Pearlscale trait, but it only becomes visible when they reach quarter to half dollar size. The picture shows one of the breeders we are working with, giving you an idea of how they will look when they mature. While they appear like typical BSP angelfish when they are smaller, they will start to show the Pearlscale trait when they get a bit older. All our BSP Pearlscale pairs are both BSP Pearlscale, ensuring that 100% of the offspring will have a double dose of the Pearlscale gene, which is necessary for the trait to be expressed.

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