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Latest Product News

New Improved Formula

Many foods have been reformulated to improve nutrition!

  • More whole ingredients to boost proteins
  • Improved vitamins and minerals
  • Enhanced flavors to entice fish to eat
  • With improved nutrition you can feed less to fill up your fish

Look for the gold shield to easily identify foods that have been reformulated.  Both the website and each product label will be updated to display the new nutritional information as well as the new ingredients list.

We will continue to source the highest quality flakes for the best price!

Insect Trio Flake

Insect Trio Flake

This unique flake relies on three different insects as the protein source.  Since fish enjoy catching and eating insects in the wild this new flake is sure to be a winner!

Crickets, Grasshoppers and Mealworms are the main proteins along with a unique ingredient, Catfish Meal, is sure to be a crowd pleaser with a wide variety of aquatic species.

African Cichlid Flake

African Cichlid Flake

Designed to meet the specific needs of omnivorous African Cichlid species.  Does not contain ingredients known to cause bloat, a common issue with African species.

Sales and Deals

Catfish Pellet 1 mm

Catfish Pellets – New Formula

Our soft Catfish Pellets now have added spirulina and astaxanthin in addition to improved nutrition to help boost overall health and coloring.  These soft pellets are a hit with bottom feeders, including shrimp, corydoras, pleco and many other scavenger species.

Save up to 18% on any size and try our new formula!

Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Powder

Free Ground Shipping on Wednesday

Get free ground shipping when ordering on Wednesday when your order is over $60 and shipping to a US destination.  Can select a faster delivery service if need for the price shown.
The website will automatically show the Free Ground Shipping on qualifying orders.
Some exclusions apply:
  • Gift Certificates excluded as they are emailed and not shipped
  • Live Fish since they require special handling and cannot ship ground
  • Australian Blackworm Cubes – I do not make any profit off this item and cannot include for free shipping.  If this changes I will let you know!
  • Discount Accounts, such as Wholesale, do not qualify as they already receive special pricing

If there are any questions, please let me know.  I am available most weekdays 11am – 5 pm Pacific Time; and often outside of these hours.

Shipping News

International Shipping Delays and Suspensions

Updated:  August 14, 2022

Most countries are experiencing shipping delays or suspensions due to canceled airline cargo flights, weather, reduced staff and/or COVID restrictions.  Information is found on the US Postal Service website at USPS Newsroom.

Many countries are no longer updating tracking for a First Class or Ground parcel.  When this happens there is nothing that can be done to attempt to track a package.  Only Priority Mail or Express Mail will guarantee a package can be tracked during transit through every country.  I realize this is a more expensive option; however, it is honestly the best option to ensure your package arrives and is covered by insurance.

All countries I ship to are accepting International Priority Mail packages with no delivery guarantee.  And none are currently allowing International Express parcels.

Website News

Loyalty Points for Retail Customers

The Loyalty Points program is a great way to start earning extra benefits!

Each order will earn 1 Loyalty Point for every $2 in purchased products.  Plus opportunities to earn bonus points.

  • 100 Loyalty Points = $10
  • Accumulate 50 points before redeeming
  • Must have an active retail account to earn Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points never expire!

See details of our customer appreciation program at Loyalty Points Program

Product Review Drawing

Have you tried any of our products lately?  How are we doing?

Does a product meet your expectations?  Exceeds your expectations?  Let others know!

Did a product fall short?  By all means please share your experience and thoughts so we can research what needs fixing.

To leave a review, navigate to a product, scroll down and select the Review Tab.  Or, wait for the email reminding you to review a product and follow the directions.

Each submitted review will earn one entry into the monthly Product Review Drawing for a $25 credit to use on a future order.

Live Chat

Live Chat Availability

I will be available for live chat as much as possible to help with any questions that may arise while shopping on this website.  As I need to work in the fish room as well as processing and packaging orders I will be available as much as possible.  I am even using both a desktop computer as well as mobile devices I should be able to minimize wait time for a response.

Chat Hours

Weekdays:  11 am – 5 pm PST
Saturday:  11 am – 2 pm PST
Closed Sunday and Holidays

Outside of these hours, if I am able to, I will be logged into chat.  However, if I am unable to chat, I will respond as soon as possible.  If you provide your email address, you won’t need to hang around as the chat software will send the reply to your email.

Thank you for shopping at Everything Aquatic!