Congratulations to Jose Polanco, the winner of the October Review Drawing.  He will receive a $25 credit to use on a future order.

Want a chance to win the $25 credit for November’s drawing?  Submit a review on any purchased product after you’ve had a chance to use it.  Each review will earn one entry in the monthly drawing.

Loyalty Program Update

Earn 3% Cashback!

We have updated our Loyalty Program. 

Now earn 3% Cashback on every order!  Only requirement is to be logged into an account to receive the earned amount.

Cash in your rewards on your next order, or let them build. 

New Products

Water Changing Siphon Kit

Our new siphon kits make maintenance easy.  Each kit includes a priming bulb to quickly start the water flow, tubing, water cut off valve and 3 end attachments to meet your needs.  Duckbilled spade for picking up debris on the surface, Round screened attachment to protec most small fish from being trapped in the tubing and a Gravel Cleaner, also with a screen at the top, to ensure gravel or fish trapped in the tubing are protected and won’t get caught in the tubing.

Works with gravity, attach the water cut off valve clip onto a bucket (not included) and you are ready to go.

Repashy Redrum

Another color enhancing product.  This one is unique as it combines several types of carotenoid compounds to bring out reds and orange tones.

Not a balanced diet on its own.  Can be used as occasional treats on it own; or mixed with other foods at 10% max for an every day diet.  Can even add to homemade foods to enhance coloring as well as to help bind the final product.

Nano Fry Siphon

These mini siphons are a game changer with nano tanks or fry tanks.  I’ve always used a hardline with 1/4″ OD tubing.  And sometimes struggle to get the siphon started.  With just one squeeze of the bulb, this siphon will start so long as the intake is higher than the out-take tubing.  The more you purchase the more you save!

Angelfish News

This time of year, with the increased holiday packages, temporary staff, and cold weather, shipping live animals can be risky.

We prioritize the well-being of live fish, and must assess weather conditions once the holidays wind down.

Be sure to check back in the middle of December for updates and potential pre-order opportunities for the upcoming 2024 season.

Happy Holidays!

Sales and Deals

Repashy Jars

Neomycin Sulfate – Save up to 50% Off!

Save up to 50% off Neomycin jars 100 grams and smaller.  These jars expire in February 2024.  Larger jars are filled with newer stock expiring July 2025.
Once the older stock has been depleted the sale will end.  Grab a jar at a great price!
Repashy Jars

Repashy Jars Deal

Occasionally we receive jars with a short expiration and will offer them at a discounted rate.  As this offer will constantly change based on what is in inventory, we cannot provide specifics on which formulas or jar sizes are discounted.  However, listings will display a ‘Special Offer’ badge on the formulas.


Excludes the 2 kilo jars

Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Powder

Free Ground Shipping on Wednesdays

Get free ground shipping when ordering on a Wednesday and the order total is over $75 shipping to a US destination.  Cal select a faster delivery service if needed for the price shown.

The website will automatically show the Free Ground Shipping option on qualifying orders.

Some exclusions apply:

  • Gift Certificates excluded as they are emailed and not shipped
  • Live Fish since they require special handling and cannot ship ground
  • Discount Accounts, such as Wholesale, do not qualify as they already receive special pricing.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

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