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Latest Product News

Mysis with HUFA Flake

Mysis with HUFA Flake

Our newest flake offering!  Mysis with HUFA flake is a thick, meaty flake that is loaded with nutrients for saltwater and freshwater species.  Over 30% of each batch is Mysis shrimp!

This flake will also help to bring out those orange and red tones as it is loaded with not only Mysis shrimp, but also includes Krill shrimp, paracoccus and Carophyll.

This is a great choice for African Cichlids, Angelfish, Discus, Rams, Tetras and other species that enjoy a protein boost in their diet.




Grand Champion Discus Pellet

Grand Champion

Grand Champion pellets are finally back in stock.  Available to ship from our vendor again.

We have also added a new options.  Medium Red is a larger pellet that is loaded with astaxanthin, same as our Small Red pellet, to help boost those orange and red tones in your fish.

These pellets are great for raising fry as well as for conditioning adults due to its high protein and nutrients.  Also makes an amazing staple food!



Carophyll Pink

Carophyll Pink

Carophyll Pink is a highly sought after carotene to help improve pink and orange tones.  Can also help improve red coloring when combined with Astaxanthin Powder.

A little goes a long way!  All you need is 60-65 mg per pound of food.  Can also use a binder to add a small amount to flake, pellet and freeze dried foods.

Must be stored in the refrigerator if not used immediately.



Double Sponge Filter

Enriched HUFA Powder

HUFA Powder enriched with spirulina powder and carophyll.  A healthy additive to the overall diet to help the immune system while bringing out colors in fish. Commonly used as a napulii food, to feed shrimp or to gut load BBS for added nutrition, but is a great addition to homemade foods as well.


Sales and Deals

Repashy Jars

Repashy Jars Deal

Occasionally we receive jars with a short expiration and will offer them at a discounted rate.  As this offer will constantly change based on what is in inventory, we cannot provide specifics on which formulas or jar sizes are discounted.  However, listings will display a ‘Special Offer’ badge on the formulas.


Excludes the 2 kilo jars

Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Powder

Free Ground Shipping on Wednesday

Get free ground shipping when ordering on Wednesday when your order is over $75 and shipping to a US destination.  Can select a faster delivery service if need for the price shown.
The website will automatically show the Free Ground Shipping on qualifying orders.
Some exclusions apply:
  • Gift Certificates excluded as they are emailed and not shipped
  • Live Fish since they require special handling and cannot ship ground
  • Australian Blackworm Cubes – I do not make any profit off this item and cannot include for free shipping.  If this changes I will let you know!
  • Discount Accounts, such as Wholesale, do not qualify as they already receive special pricing

If there are any questions, please let me know.  I am available most weekdays 11am – 5 pm Pacific Time; and often outside of these hours.

Website News

Cash App Payments

Unfortunately, the plugin broke other features of our website.  However, you can still use Cash App to send your payment!

Select the Cash App/Money Order/Check Payment/Pre-Order payment option.  And complete the checkout process on our website.

Then log into your Cash App and send your payment to @EverythingAquatic.

Once we see your payment we will update your order to paid status and begin processing.

Loyalty Points for Retail Customers

The Loyalty Points program is a great way to start earning extra benefits!

Each order will earn 1 Loyalty Point for every $2 in purchased products.  Plus opportunities to earn bonus points.

  • 100 Loyalty Points = $10
  • Accumulate 50 points before redeeming
  • Must have an active retail account to earn Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points never expire!

See details of our customer appreciation program at Loyalty Points Program

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Live Chat Availability

I will be available for live chat as much as possible to help with any questions that may arise while shopping on this website.  As I need to work in the fish room as well as processing and packaging orders I will be available as much as possible.  I am even using both a desktop computer as well as mobile devices I should be able to minimize wait time for a response.

Chat Hours

Weekdays:  11 am – 5 pm PST
Saturday:  11 am – 2 pm PST
Closed Sunday and Holidays

Outside of these hours, if I am able to, I will be logged into chat.  However, if I am unable to chat, I will respond as soon as possible.  If you provide your email address, you won’t need to hang around as the chat software will send the reply to your email.

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