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Live Fish Updates

Longfin Blue Eye Lemon Pleco L144a

High Coverage Koi Angels – Limited Supply

We pulled a few of our High Coverage Koi to offer to our customers.  Very Limited Availability.  They are very popular and highly sought after angelfish.

Bulgarian Seal Point Angels

Halfblack Yellow Guppies

Each order will receive a group of 8 guppies, what ever falls into the net.  These guppies are a true standout in a planted tank.  They breed true and will make a solid line for any guppy breeder of pure strains.
Bulgarian Seal Point Angels

Blue Koi Paraiba Angels

Last chance to get these beauties!!

We sold the breeding pairs and only have a few left in stock.  Once sold, they will be gone.
Stunning metallic patches of blue and gold make these standout fish in any tank!
Repashy Jars

Paraiba Angelfish

Paraiba angels are very unique as the Stripeless genes change how the Philippine Blue is expressed.  Instead of an overall blue body, these angels will develop metallic blue and/or gold patches.
Pinoy Clown Veil

Pinoy Angelfish

Philippine Blue Pinoy Angelfish are a dark/black angel that carries a double dose of the Philippine Blue genes, which creates a blue overtone with a dark body.

Often, young angels will appear more black, but begin to shine as they mature.


And many more.  Check out the listings on our website!!

New Products

Beefheart Flake

High Coverage Orange Koi Angelfish WYSIWYG

This featured angelfish is an unsexed Young Adult.  And will continue to develop the orange tones through maturity.  Sure to be a standout in any tank!


Sales and Deals

Tubifex Sticks

Tubifex Sticks and Mini Sticks – Save up to 18%

Tubifex worms are well known for their health benefits as they make an excellent protein source. These sticks and mini sticks are processed with added vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy food to add variety to the staple diet.  With 44% crude protein, this is a great option for omnivore and carnivore species.


Earthworm Sticks

Earthworm Sticks and Mini Sticks – Save up to 23%

Fish love eating earthworms, and these sticks are a big hit.  With 45% crude protein can be offered with most omnivore and carnivore species as part of a varied diet or as part of the staple foods offered.  Give your bottom feeders the variety they crave!


Color Mini Sticks

Color Sticks and Mini Sticks – Save up to 18%

Loaded with natural coloring ingredients, such as krill, plankton, spirulina, kelp, paprika and added carotene suppliments.  Keep bottom feeder colors at their best!


Beefheart Flake

Beefheart Flake – Save up to 28%

Beefheart Flake is a premium meat based flake, making it the perfect staple food for carnivores and omnivores.

Beefheart has been long recognized for its ability to help blues and greens develop similar to how astaxanthin improves reds and oranges; improving overall coloration of aquatic species.


Beefheart Flake

Immune Support Flake – Save up to 27%

A good choice for boosting the immune system or helping aquatic life recover from disease.  Good for both marine and freshwater environments.


Beefheart Flake

Immune Booster Flake – Save up to 27%

A good choice for boosting the immune system or helping aquatic life recover from disease.  Good for both marine and freshwater environments.


Beefheart Flake

Tropical Green Flake – Save up to 23%

This flake starts with Whole Salmon Meal with added vitamins and minerals plus amino acids.  An excellent staple flake with balanced nutrition for a community tank.  With 45% protein, can be used as a staple flake for carnivore and omnivore species.


Tubifex Flake

Tubifex Flake – Save up to 27%

Unlike feeding live or frozen tubifex worms, this flake relies on clean worms as well as the cooking process can eliminate concerns.  Fish love eating these flakes, as well as our Tubifex Sticks!  With 44% protein, makes a great addition to the staple diet lineup for omnivores and most carnivores.


Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Probugs Special Offer

Save when ordering at least 3 packets of Probugs.  This is an additional 25% off the posted sale price!

 Probugs are very popular in reptile circles and are becoming popular with live fish and amphibians.  All natural.  No preservatives!


Special offer applies to packets expiring in October 2024.  Excludes Riceworms.


Repashy Jars

Repashy Special Offer

Update February 3, 2024:  Website has been updated with formulas expiring in August 2024 now being discounted

Occasionally we receive jars with a short expiration and will offer them at a discounted rate.  As this offer will constantly change based on what is in inventory, we cannot provide specifics on which formulas or jar sizes are discounted.  However, listings will display a ‘Special Offer’ badge on the formulas.

Excludes the 2 kilo jars


Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Powder

Free Ground Shipping on Wednesdays

Get free ground shipping when ordering on a Wednesday and the order total is over $99 shipping to a US destination.  Can select a faster delivery service if needed for the price shown.

The website will automatically show the Free Ground Shipping option on qualifying orders.

Some exclusions apply:

  • Gift Certificates excluded as they are emailed and not shipped
  • Live Fish since they require special handling and cannot ship ground
  • Discount Accounts, such as Wholesale, do not qualify as they already receive special pricing.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Loyalty Program is Now Cashback

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We have updated our Loyalty Program. 

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