Carophyl Pink


Add to homemade foods to bring out the coloring of your fish or use a binder to add to prepared foods

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Carophyll Pink is another commonly used food additive to help boost the pink and orange tones in fish.  Once hydrolyzed in the fish gut and absorbed through digestion, it is converted to 10% astaxanthin.  Mix with homemade foods or use a binder to adhere to flakes, pellets or freeze dried products.

Mix at a ratio of 60-65 mg per pound of finished food.  If adding both Carophyll Pink and our Astaxanthin Powder, it is recommended to use a lower percentage of each powder in the food batch.

Can be adhered to pellets and flakes with a fixer, but use caution to not overdose the fish.  Stay in the 1 – 2% range. 250 – 500 mg per ounce of flake or pellet.

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