Ornamental Fish Medications Guidelines

By completing any order for a product intended for use on ornamental aquarium species or as a health aide, the purchaser agrees to comply with the following terms:

  • Use of any regulated medication or health aide products purchased from Everything Aquatic are offered exclusively for use in aquariums, tanks or ponds containing entirely ornamental species and not species intended for human consumption, sport fishing or for the propagation or feeding of species intended for human consumption or sport fishing purposes. The aforementioned products may not be diverted or sold to any other person, organization or company for use in or on systems housing non-ornamental species.
  • The purchaser agrees by completing an order with controlled products that he/she and those who may be tasked to use such products, including employees associated with or employed by the business or organization represented in the order, understands these restrictions placed on the sale of medication products.
  • Purchaser agrees to instruct personnel responsible for handling these products in proper usage and takes all responsibility for dosing and maintaining housed species.
  • Purchaser, agent or employee agrees to not intentionally divert any controlled product for any use other than on ornamental aquarium species.
  • Purchaser takes all responsibility to actively prevent the diversion of and proper use of all medications and chemicals, including antibiotics, antiparasite medications, therapeutants and other treatments used in the ornamental aquarium industry.
  • Everything Aquatic is not responsible for misuse of products and the purchaser agrees to be held responsible for proper use.

Additional information may be found at Fish Cures.