Wholesale Order Form

Oops, doesn't look like your account is set up for a wholesale or dropshipping account.

If you are not yet set up for a wholesale or dropshipping account, please consider doing so if you are a business, even a home based business.  There are multiple discount plans available to meet your individual needs.

  1. Start up and Small Businesses: In order to continue to help support startup businesses, including small home based breeders, a small discount will be offered on any order size.
  2. Wholesale Accounts:  Wholesale is now a profit sharing option
    • Requires a minimum $300 in products
    • Profit sharing ranges from 70/30 to 50/50 based on order size
    • Volume Discount will appear showing the added savings when the profit sharing increases
    • Some product sizes available only to wholesale customers will display
    • If you require private labeling, let us know.  We will work with you to provide this option
    • UPC Codes are provided to brick and mortar locations, but may be part of the labels for other customers
  3. Dropshipping Accounts:
    • No order minimum
    • Profit sharing is 50/50
    • You do the work to receive the order and we will process and ship the products directly to your customer
    • We will need a copy of your Packing Slip or access to your order system to print them.  If neither is provided, then we will use our own Packing Slips to ensure the correct products are packaged and shipped.

If you are interested in one of the above discount accounts, please contact us with the following information for consideration:

  1. Provide your business information, including its name and address
  2. Indicate if a home based business or if a brick and mortar location
  3. State the type of account you are interested in.  If unsure, let us know and we can help you decide
  4. Provide your name and contact information

After reviewing your information we will respond with the options available to you.

Thank you for thinking of us to help with your business needs.  If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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