Enriched HUFA Powder


Enriched with spirulina and carophyll powders.  A healthy additive to the overall diet to help the immune system and to bring out colors in fish.  Commonly used as a napulii food, to feed shrimp or to gut load BBS for added nutrition.

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Enriched HUFA Powder is another healthy algae that can greatly enhance the overall fish diet.  It is most often used to feed napulii or shrimp, but makes a healthy addition to homemade foods.  Use 1-3% of the overall food weight to bring out colors in fish while boosting immune system.  Spirulina is great for blues and greens; carophyll excellent for orange tones.

Contains carophyll, a common alternative to astaxanthin as it does not affect yellows like astaxanthin can.

If fed directly it is recommended to process in a blender with water and then dosing by the drop.  Use sparingly as it is easy to overfeed fry.  Store prepared mix in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Ingredients:  Spray-dried HUFA micro algae, spirulina, yeast, carophyll, silicon dioxide (anti-clumping).

Analysis: Min Crude Protein 35%, Min Crude Lipid 15%, Max Ash 10%, Min Total Carbs 18%, Max Crude Fiber 2%, Max Moisture 4%, Fatty Acids: DHA, 25% of total lipid; EPA, 8% of total lipid

Store powder in a tightly sealed container in a dry, cool area.  Store prepared with water in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Want your hatched BBS to be even more nutritious?  Simply gut load the hatchlings by letting them eat the powder before offering to your fish!  Here’s how to do so…..

  1. Add 0.2 grams of Enriched HUFA Powder to 250 milliliters of saltwater.  And run through a blender for a few minutes to help the powder dissolve and soak in the water.
  2. Add a few drops to the napulii container and allow time to consume the Enriched HUFA.  Dose again in 12 hours. Can always dose more often, but try to avoid overfeeding as this will pollute the small container often used to hatch napulii.
  3. After 24 hours with plenty of aeration, napulii will be gut loaded and ready to feed to your fry.

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