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Medicated Pellets

If you need a medicated pellet in a different size than shown on our website, please make a comment and let us know which size pellet you would prefer. We can substitute any pellet we have in stock for the same price. All you have to do is ask!

September Specials

Save 20% in September on our Freeze Dried Treats.

Check back for other specials this month!

Check out all our specials at September Specials

Methylene Blue Powder

Methylene Blue Powder is now in stock. Use it to treat a variety of ailments by a pinch of powder, or by mixing your own stock solution to have on hand. Once in stock, this item will be available in liquid form as well. So, keep an eye out for it!

Repashy Igapo Explorer

Once again Repashy has expanded their product line to include Igapo Explore which targets rainforest aquatic species. This gel food is a blend of insects, nuts and fruits to meet the dietary needs of rainforest species which often have a unique diet in the wild.

Malachite Green Powder

Check out the latest addition to our medications. Malachite Green Powder is a chemical dye with many uses in the home aquarium. It can be mixed with water or with formalin. Used caution as this product will stain seals and glass. It is recommended to use in a bucket or in a quarantine tank. Closely monitor fish while treated, especially in a bath as it can affect the gills if overdosed.

Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes

We now carry Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes. They make a great snack food for a wide variety of aquatic species....and can be easily pinched off to offer smaller portions.

Don't forget to rehydrate any freeze dried food to avoid digestive issues with your fish.

New Product Development - Anti-Parasite Quad

A recent product development is Anti-Parasite Quad. This product was developed with input from the Flowerhorn community on Facebook. They were looking for a medicated food with both praziquantel and levamisole to cover a wide array of parasites.

Anti-Parasite Quad contains a blend of praziquantel, levamisole, epsom salt and garlic to treat a wide range of parasites, including flukes and camalanus worm. We started with our 3 mm Cichlid Pellets, but have been working on expanding this product with flake and other sizes of pellet foods.

This product is now available in the following forms:

  • 3 mm Cichlid Pellet
  • Gourmet Cichlid Flake
  • Powder form

Product Review Drawing

Have you tried any of our products lately? If so, please share your experience by submitting a product review. Each submitted review will earn one entry into our monthly drawing for a $20 coupon.

Thank you for shopping at Everything Aquatic!

Monthly Specials For September

Freeze Dried Bloodworms
$3.69  $2.95
Save: 20% off
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Freeze Dried Pacific Krill
$2.19  $1.75
Save: 20% off
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Freeze Dried Jumbo Krill Superba
$1.89  $1.51
Save: 20% off
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Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes
$1.79  $1.43
Save: 20% off
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