Black Turquoise (Blushing) Angelfish Adults

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Save 50% on this one time offer! Breeders we grew out with an intent to use in our breeding programs, but don’t have room for them all! Stunning adults that will be standouts in your tank!

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Black Turquoise is the common name of the Black Blushing Angelfish.  They have an overall black appearance and develop vibrant turquoise hues near and around the gills.

Despite their young age, they are already large in size. Originally intended for our breeding projects, but we already have what we need.  So, they are now being made available to our customers at a fantastic price. It is possible that these fish may also possess hidden genes for Philippine Blue and/or Bulgarian Green, but this can only be confirmed once they begin breeding. In any case, they are a stunning addition to any aquarium.

This offer is only for adults.  They are all young and quite sizeable.  They were set back with an intention to use for breeding, but already are working with what we need.  So, making them available at a great price for our customers!

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