Blue Zebra Angelfish


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Philippine Blue Zebra Angelfish are hard to keep in stock.  They are very similar to the Blue Silver, but have more black stripes.

The Zebra gene also adds a beautiful striation pattern on their fins. Offspring potentially can be Blue Silvers or Blue Zebras, depending on whether or not any will have a double dose of the Zebra gene or a single dose.

As the fish grow and mature they will develop more intense blue tones.

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Standard Fins, Veil Fins, Super Veil Fins, Wifi Fins, Mixed

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6 Adults, 8 Dime-Nickel, 3 Dime-Nickel, 6 Dime-Nickel, 12 Dime-Nickel, 1 Quarter, 6 Quarters, 12 Quarters, 1 Quarter Plus, 6 Quarter Plus, 1 Young Adult, 1 Adult


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