Premium Brine Shrimp Flake


Loaded with brine shrimp and deshelled artemia

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Premium Brine Shrimp Flake is formulated for cichlids and a variety of omnivores. Loaded with brine shrimp and deshelled artemia.  A great flake to convert aquarium species from live BBS.  Artemia as well as spirulina are carotene rich and help to brink out vibrant colors in fish.

Used by commercial breeders of carnivorous and omnivorous species.

Analysis: Crude Protein 51.5% min; Crude Fat 7.4% min; Ash 5.8%; Moisture 12.5% max; Astaxanthin 400 ppm

Ingredients: Fresh frozen brine shrimp, fish protein hydrolysate, soy, yeast protein, wheat gluten, torula, egg, wheat flour, casein, marine plankton, lecithin, spirulina, paracoccus, fresh frozen Arctic copepods, shell-free artemia, garlic, marine fish oil, vitamin and mineral mix, carophyll

Contains no artificial colors or chemical preservatives

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