Bulgarian Seal Point Angels Value Pack


Direct from the breeder.  Bulgarian Seal Point Angels, which are a line developed with the Bulgarian Green gene, develop a distinct coloration overall with dark fins and a green toned body.  Order as many as you want for a flat Overnight Delivery charge.

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Direct from the breeder.  High quality, US bred angelfish that come with LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee).

Bulgarian Seal Point Angels are a new type of angelfish with the Bulgarian Green gene that is currently be reviewed, tested and documented for The Angelfish Society.

BSP angels genetically have a combination of Dark and Bulgarian Green genes.  Those that develop a light grey coloring on the anal and dorsal fins will be D/+ bg/bg; and those with a dark black fin coloring will be D/D bg/bg.  These angels may also include Stripeless genes.

Bulgarian Seal Point angels continue to develop their coloring into adulthood.  The body loses any dark coloring it may display while a juvenile; and fin coloring will often fade or darken based on the overall health and behavior of the individual.

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Weight 4 lbs
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12 Peas, 12 Pre-dime, 8 Dimes, 6 Quarters, 1 Young Adult


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