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Deluxe Sponge Filter Kits are more than a basic sponge filter.  They include bio-media so beneficial bacteria has an added place to colonize.  This helps to protect your cycle from crashing due to cleaning the sponge.  Just attach to an air pump

The sponges only require maintenance once hey become loaded with debris that has been filtered out of the water column.  They make excellent filters in a fry tank as well as biological filters in any tank as the primary source or as a backup to the main filter.

Each kit included the sponge, filter frame, suction cups and bio-balls.

Air Pump not included.

XY2880 for up to 20 gallons
XY2881 for up to 25 gallons
XY2882 for up to 50 gallons

Order 3-5 filter kits – save 15%
Order 6 or more filter kits – save 20%

Can mix and match to meet your needs


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20 Gallon, 25 Gallon, 50 Gallon


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