Gold Marble Angelfish


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Gold Marble Angels have been around for a long time.  Each individual is unique as the patterning varies.  Plus get the added bonus of the following genes potentially be carried in these fish:

  • Bulgarian Green
  • Pearlscale
  • Philippine Blue

The spawns have a varied potential, but cannot be known until they pair off and start reproducing.  Possibilities include: Gold Marble, Gold, Sunset, Gold Marble Ghost, Platinum, Platinum Marble, Blue Marble, Bulgarian Lilac Point, Bulgarian Green Koi, Platinum Marble, all with or without Pearlscale.  And possibly much more!

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Fin Type

Standard Fin, Veil Fin, Super Veil Fin, Mixed Fin Types

Angelfish Options

12 Pre-dime, 1 Dime-Nickel, 8 Dimes, 1 Quarter, 6 Quarters, 1 Young Adult, 1 Adult


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