Halfblack Yellow Guppy


Now available in groups of 8 unsexed juveniles or by adult Trios.  Championship line that breeds true.

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These Halfblack Yellow Guppies breed true and are from a Championship line.  Can order a group of 8 unsexed juveniles, what ever falls into our net or in Trios.  This line has never thrown an oddball as they breed 100% true!  Very rare today.

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Juvenlie – Group of 8, Trio

Guppy Care Guide and Other Information

Scientific NamePoecilia reticulata
TemperamentPeaceful. A great beginner fish. If keeping both sexes, should have 2-3 females for each male or 5 males if kept alone. Keeping females on their own, unless Virgin Females, will most likely be preganant and produce fry within 30 days, if not sooner
Lifespan2-3 years. With proper care and live 5 years or longer.
Adult SizeMales average 2 inches, Females average 2.5 inches.
TemperatureTemperature range 65F - 82F. In lower temperatures they slow down, breeding can temporarily cease and don't need a lot of food. In higher temperatures they grow faster, reproduce quicker, need extra foods, more maintenance, but will have shorter lifespans.
General Hardness8 dGH or 100+ TDS. Guppies do best in hard water. If mineralization is low, may need to look at adding crushed coral, using mineral blocks or other additives safe for aquarium use.
Tank Size10 Gallons minimum
HabitatFreshwater, but can be acclimated to saltwater
Dietary NeedsOmnivore. Guppies require a variety of protein and plant sources for optimum health. Options include:
  • Guppy Flake or Guppy Color Flake
  • Guppy Color Feast
  • Golden Pearls>
  • Organic Granules
  • Repashy
  • Even fresh veggies and occasional fruits. But be aware, fresh foods can quickly pollute the tank. I like to use fresh foods 1-2 days before doing water changes or maintenance to clean up

Our tank parameters fish are born and raised in

pH7.4 - 7.6
Nitrates>Less than 20ppm


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