Hybrid Black Velvet Angelfish


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Hybrid Black Velvet Angelfish are very unique and tend to be some of the darkest angels around. These are third generation from an ongoing breeding project spanning 3 years.

The origin of these unique angels was a cross between Bulgarian Seal Point Blusher and a Red Spotted Koi. This generation produced these Black Velvets as well as Red Koi, Blushing Seal Point, Pinoy Paraiba and Midnight Red Seal Points.

Depending on the genes these Hybrid Black angels carry, you could potentially have all these phenotypes and more!!

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Fin Type

WIFI Fin, Standard Fin, Veil Fin, Super Veil Fin, Mixed Fin Types

Angelfish Options

12 Pre-Dimes, 8 Pre-Dimes, 8 Quarters, 8 Dime-Nickel, Breeder Group of 5, 3 Dime-Nickel, 6 Dime-Nickel, 12 Dime-Nickel, 1 Quarter, 6 Quarters, 12 Quarters, 1 Quarter Plus, 6 Quarter Plus, 1 Young Adult, 1 Adult, 6 Adults


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