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This mini siphon is perfect for cleaning nano tanks or fry tanks!!

Before we found this mini siphon we used hardline and 1/4 OD tubing to clean our fry tanks.  And this set up occasionally would not prime to start the water flow.  With the Nano Fry Siphon one squeeze of the bulb and water flow starts immediately.  Also comes with a bucket clamp which doubles as a flow control.

Comes with two end attachments.  The duckbilled attachment can pick up larger debris such as fish excrement and the fry attachment can protect most fry from accidentally getting sucked up.  No matter which attachment is used, both are small enough to keep gravel out of the tubing.

We have been testing these siphons and have found them extremely helpful and a time saver.  No longer worry about sucking up guppy or angel fry once they are a few days old!  And with only a single pump of the bulb water flow starts right up.  Highly recommended!

For best results make sure outlet tubing is lower than inlet section.  This cleaner relies on gravity to move water out of the tank.

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