Probiotic Phytoplankton Plus Flake


Packed with nutrition.  Spirulina and kelp help to boost the phytoplankton content; plus garlic to entice finicky eaters.



Phytoplankton Plus Flakes are loaded with nutrition. We start with our Phytoplankton Flake and blend them with Spirulina Flake to increase the phytoplastin content.  And we top it off with our Garlic Flake to entice picky eaters. A popular flake mix for herbivore and omnivore species.  Full of natural color boosters.  Formulated to include live beneficial bacterial, making this a high quality probiotic flake.

Crude Protein 46%, Crude Lipids 9%, Ash 5%, Moisture 7%, Vitamin C 667 ppm

Phytoplankton, soy, yeast and yeast extracts, marine fish hydrolysate, egg, casein, wheat gluten, paracoccus sp bacteria, garlic, frozen mysis shrimp, wheat flour, marine fish oil, insect meal, chlorella, chlorophyll, lecithin, schizochitrium, carophyll, frozen daphnia, phospholipids, vitamin and mineral premix, stabalized Vitamin C and beneficial bacteria

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