Water Changing Siphon Kit


These siphons are amazing!  Easily primed with 3 different attachments to maintain your aquarium and provide fish a clean environment.

Save even more when purchasing 3 or more siphons


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Our Water Changing Siphon Kits are available in two sizes, Medium and Large.

Each kit comes with a Quick-Start Priming Ball, Shut off Valve, Gravel Cleaner, Bottom Scraper, Rigid Tubing and Connector.  Once assembled they are 5 feet (Medium) or 9 feet (Large) total length.

Comes with two end attachments.  The duck-billed attachment can pick up larger debris such as fish excrement and the Round Screen Cover helps to protect most fish from accidentally getting sucked up.  No matter which attachment is used, both are small enough to keep gravel out of the tubing; or can use the Gravel Cleaner to do deep gravel cleaning to help lift out any debris trapped in the substrate.

For best results make sure outlet tubing is lower than inlet section.  This cleaner relies on gravity to move water out of the tank.


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