Platinum Marble Angelfish


Introducing Platinum Marble Angelfish.  With the stark white platinum and the dark black marbling, these are standout angels!

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Platinum Marbles are a very popular phenotype with the Philippine Blue genes with Gold Marble genes.  The combination of Philippine Blue with a Gold or Gold Marble gene creates the start white, platinum background on the fish.  And when a Gold Marble genes exists, the marbling pattern will appear.

We look forward to working with this new line.

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Fin Type

WIFI Fin, Standard Fin, Veil Fin, Super Veil Fin, Mixed Fin Types

Angelfish Options

6 Adults, 8 Dime-Nickel, Breeder Group of 5, 3 Dime-Nickel, 6 Dime-Nickel, 12 Dime-Nickel, 1 Quarter, 6 Quarters, 12 Quarters, 1 Quarter Plus, 6 Quarter Plus, 1 Young Adult, 1 Adult


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