Worm Sticks Value Pack


Value Pack includes equal portions of Bloodworm, California Blackworm, Earthworm, Silkworm and Tubifex in Regular Sticks or Mini Sticks

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Worm Sticks and Mini Sticks Value Packs offer five worm based sticks to add variety to the aquatic staple diet.

Receive equal portions of each of the following

  • Bloodworm Sticks or Mini Sticks
  • California Blackworm Sticks or Mini Sticks
  • Earthworm Sticks or Mini Sticks
  • Silkworm Sticks or Mini Sticks
  • Tubifex Sticks or Mini Sticks

5 ounce Value Pack is 1 ounce of each
15 ounce Value Pack is 3 ounce of each
35 ounce Value Pack is 7 ounce of each
7.5 pound Value Pack is 1.5 pound of each

Each is packaged separately so you can offer individually or mix together as desired


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